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Het is 1999. Acteur Tim Grimm keert terug naar Indiana, wordt singer/songwriter en debuteert met het album Heart Land.

Het is 2019. Singer/songwriter Tim Grimm and The Family Band  nemen ‘Heart Land Again’ op  met nieuwe versies van ‘Heart Land’ songs plus ‘Staying In Love’ en ‘Love More; twee prachtige nieuwe songs. Vanaf 27 september 2019 overal verkrijgbaar.

Tim Grimm over ‘Heart Land Again’.

“Twenty years ago, I recorded the first Heart Land. The songs were the result of falling in love again with the rural Midwest and its people. My wife Jan and I made a conscious choice to relocate from Los Angeles to an old 80 acre farm in south-central Indiana. In these 20 years, we have lost many of the characters in these songs, but they now ‘live’ every time I sing about them. Our sons Jackson and Connor were five and seven when I recorded the original album, and none of us could have imagined they’d become the musicians they are now. They both put their stamp on this new recording in numerous ways, and encouraged me to look afresh on several tunes. I still sing these songs – for me, they’re ‘keepers’ after all these years, and it brings me great joy to show them in a new light.” (Tim Grimm)

Tim Grimm over de songs op ‘Heart Land Again’.

Staying In Love – This is my father’s song. From the time I was 14 – until the day he died…My Dad played a huge role in bringing us to the Heart Land. He got ahold of one of those VHS cameras – the big ones that rested on your shoulder, and he filmed the old farm of Dortha Starnes in the bleakest of winters, sent us the tape and we fell in love with those 80 acres back in Indiana…but it was when I was still a boy that we moved to my parent’s dream – a house they built on15 wooded acres and a lake they dammed up themselves. It was a slice of Heaven. Dad died on that place just two years ago, and this is the first song I’ve been able to write since he passed. As I say in ‘She Remembers’, – The end is the beginning for this home, this farm, this love – Also thanks to Hope Dunbar – for throwing out the prompt that forced me to sit down and let this come out.

That Old Man – This is my first “Keeper”, the oldest song that I still play. Grandpa Grimm gave me a love for the “farm” – the country…Connor and Jackson are singing this with me – which is fitting and a endearing legacy. I sing about my Grandfather (who they never met) and they must in some small way be singing about their Grandfather (my Dad) too…

Too Hard Drivin’ – For two to three years we “commuted” between LA and southern Indiana. It was a way of finding our way. We straddled two worlds – the city of angels and the heart land…

Better Days – This is the first song I wrote after moving back to Indiana. As I did I when I was boy, we set to bale hay in the summertime, and we looked to the wisdom and guidance of the older farm couples who surrounded us, Amos and Carmen Chesnut..Jim and Ruth Butler..anchors and lights on the porch. I sing to their memory always. In life, there are secrets like fireflies…The Butler’s son drove the tractor one long afternoon at our place, while he was riddled with cancer – he “died slow” and there grandson “died fast” – headlong into a massive old oak on the Chesnut farm years earlier…

She Remembers – Amos Chesnut was the first of the neighbouring farmers to pass away. His wife Carmen, stayed on the farm alone – until her children felt it was time she moved to town. The image of her sitting alone on their old porch swing will always stay with me (and her smile). Not long after Amos, Jim Butler died, and his wife Ruth, stayed at their place alone as well…

Carter’s Blues I learned this Carter Family song off an old Kathy and Carol record (track it down!). That record was one of the significant musical influences in my younger days – that, and “Bowling Green” by the Kossoy Sisters (who I later met, befriended and they recorded a song with me). In recording this song 20 years ago, I began a habit of recording a “traditional” song on each of my subsequent releases.

Down The Road – Ah, the march of “progress”. I felt it 20 years ago when we moved here, and I feel it even more acutely now.

Sowin’ On The Mountain – Always a favourite of mine, that I learned form my friend – Ramblin’ Jack. But it’s my son, Jackson, who came up with the current version.

Perfect Getaway – My Mom told me the gist of this story – about three high-school kids who she had in a remedial class in Columbus, IN, and I ran with it!

80 Acres – The story of our land. We got the deed of the place, and the deed is this leather bound document that contains the names of everyone who’s ver lived there since the late 1830’s. As soon as I picked it up, I knew there was a song in there. When we got the keys from Dortha Starnes, we meet her on the back porch, and she told us the thing she’s miss more than anything else was “walking the line” – she said, most days she tried to walk the boundary line – a quarter of a mile by half a mile. She handed me the song and an unspoken responsibility.

Love More – This is another new song – influenced by our current struggles as a nation.

Pumpkin The Cat – Singing this song 20 years later, I realise how we’ve come to really know and love our land. We’re lucky. Men I know and respect – Scott Russell Saunders, and Wendell Berry, have reminded me over the years of the richness in setting and knowing a place.


Tim Grimm wordt wel de Renaissance man van de Americana wereld genoemd. Zijn leven bestond de  afgelopen jaren uit muziek, reizen, vertellen en acteren in zowel theater, als film en op televisie. Dat dit ook zijn passies zijn is geen toeval. Zijn 2013 album “The Turning Point”,  bevat o.a  twee ‘Nederlandse’ songs namelijk de titelsong “The Turning Point”, over een moord bij ‘t Keerpunt in Drenthe en “Anne In Amsterdam”, over een bezoek aan het Anne Frank Huis.

Na zijn universitaire studie en studie podiumkunsten vestigde Tim zich in Chicago, waar hij, veel theaterwerk deed en een studie volgde aan de Old Town School of Folk Music. Tim ging zelf ook songs schrijven en uitvoeren totdat Hollywood riep. Hij vertrok naar Los Angeles waar hij acteerde o.a. in de televisie serie ‘Reasonable Doubts’ en in een aantal films waaronder ‘Clear and Present Danger’ met Harrison Ford. Na ongeveer 10 succesvolle acteerjaren besloot Tim Grimm terug te keren naar zijn ‘Roots’; het landelijke Zuid Indiana en daar weer een ècht leven te leiden in plaats van een leven vol oppervlakkige successen. Tim Grimm woont nu met zijn vrouw Jan op een boerderij in Columbus, Indiana, de buurt waar hij opgroeide. Zijn songs vertellen over deze omgeving die hem gevormd heeft. Verhalend en intiem: over de mensen, het platteland en een manier van leven die langzaam aan het verdwijnen is.

Deze man met z’n donkere en warme stem kan dan ook als geen ander vertellen over het leven op het platteland van de Mid West en dat doet hij met verve (Lust For Life Magazine – NL)

One of the leading Folk and Americana exponents …..a multi-talented artist. (Americana-uk.com)

einen der besten aktuellen US-Liedermacher (Goodtimes – Ger)

#1 Album (Heart Land Again) & Artist JULY & AUGUST 2019 (Folk radio)

#1 Album (A Stranger in This Time) and Song (Gonna Be Great) on Folk radio- 2017

#1 Song on Folk radio- 2016 (Woody’s Landlord)

#1 Song on Folk radio- 2014 (King of The Folksingers)

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