Tim Grimm – Heart Land Again – New Album – September 27

It is 1999. Actor Tim Grimm returns to Indiana, turns singer / songwriter and records his debut album Heart Land.

It is 2019. Singer / songwriter Tim Grimm and The Family Band record Heart Land Againwith new versions of Heart Land songs plus Staying In Love and Love More; two extraordinary new songs. Available everywhere from September 27 onwards

“Twenty years ago, I recorded the first Heart Land. The songs were the result of falling in love again with the rural Midwest and its people. My wife Jan and I made a conscious choice to relocate from Los Angeles to an old 80 acre farm in south-central Indiana. In these 20 years, we have lost many of the characters in these songs, but they now ‘live’ every time I sing about them. Our sons Jackson and Connor were five and seven when I recorded the original album, and none of us could have imagined they’d become the musicians they are now. They both put their stamp on this new recording in numerous ways, and encouraged me to look afresh on several tunes. I still sing these songs – for me, they’re ‘keepers’ after all these years, and it brings me great joy to show them in a new light.” (Tim Grimm)