Tim Grimm – The Turning Point (CD)

Tim Grimm – The Turning Point (CD)




Tim Grimm’s 2013 album The Turning Point features a bunch of wonderful songs and guests, including Harpeth Rising, Cindy Kallet, Beth Lodge-Rigal, Jason Wilber (John Prine’s sidekick for already many years), Jan Lucas, Connor Grimm and newgrass band, The Underhills. Amongst the many song-highlights are Anne In Amsterdam, In which Tim decribes his thoughts and emotions after visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the title song, a ballad about a murder in the 17th century in the Dutch village Spijkerboor near the German border.

The CD The Turning Point comes in a DeLuxe Jakebox packaging with 16 pages booklet

… wealth of folk roots and engaging songs that play in the mind like vivid short stories or films…(No Depression)

Grimm is a storyteller, up there with the likes of Crowell, Earle and Jackson Browne…..Bit like Woody Guthrie. (Americana UK)

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1CD (11 tracks)



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30 Sep 2013