Tim Grimm – Farm Songs (CD)

Tim Grimm – Farm Songs (CD)


Newly recorded versions of Tim Grimm’s most popular songs about life in the rural Mid-West


Often I heard people asking about my ‘farm songs’. I use the term ‘farm’ loosely to describe life in the rural Mid-West. Turns out this ‘farm life’ resonates with people all over the world. It was not so long ago that the family farm was a pillar of a way of life and represented to many the romantic view of nature, love, family and hard work, that often reaped immeasurable rewards. Simplicity was a key element of this way of life, as was the need to be a jack of many trades and a wearer of many hats. My grandfather, Howard Grimm, was a lawyer and a farmer. He’d do chorus in the morning, put on a suit, drive to town and the office, and then come home, put on his overalls and do the evening chorus.

We went in and recorded this new batch of songs in 2 days in July 2009. It was a good growing season (Tim Grimm – 2009)