Tim Grimm – A Stranger In This Time (CD)

Tim Grimm – A Stranger In This Time (CD)











A Stranger In This Time ranges from Tim Grimm’s signature reverence for the people and the land where he grew up to sharply crafted and damning indictments of the times in which we live; from deep, poetic ballads of bittersweet love to edgy, groove-driven social commentary.

The opening track, “These Rollin’ Hills” invites us in with love of Grimm’s home ground and a subtle foreboding about the upcoming winter, both actual and metaphorical. The songs “Gonna Be Great” and “Black Snake” give a nod to both Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan in their gritty production and social-political protest vibe; both full of stunning guitar riffs, electric and acoustic, as well as compelling bass and drum beats. There are songs of lush soundscape and potent images with the mesmerizing urgency of “Over The Waves”, and “Finding Home” which evokes deep yearning. “Thirteen Years” is pure, classic Tim Grimm; a song about the tree that fell on his grandfather’s farm and that many years later became the wood for the guitar on which he recorded the cd.

These Rollin Hills (3:25) –  mid-tempo, rolling ballad captures a deep sense of place, and a foreboding heading into winter– both real and metaphorical.

Gonna Be Great (5:23) – uptempo acoustic/electric, groove driven. We’re all bearing witness now… Tim’s contemporary nod to Cohen and Dylan.

So Strong (3:28) – strong groove- mid tempo with fine banjo and fiddle work. A spirited love song-with mythical elements, powerful images

Thirteen Years (4:44)- mid-tempo, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica. Classic Tim Grimm, authentic and from the heart, about the tree that fell on his grandfather’s farm and which, many years later, became the wood for the guitar that he plays on the cd. Tim references Ramblin’ Jack Elliott’s “912 Greens”.

Black Snake (5:15) – uptempo swamp groove. The Dakota pipeline and more…stellar bass and guitars. Lyrics by Tim’s wife, Jan, and music by son Jackson.

Finding Home (4:21) – Lush, atmospheric ballad. Yearning for the place that we most deeply call home. Another Jan and Jackson collaboration.

Hard Road (3:51)- mid-tempo. An imagistic, grown-up love song; full of memories as well as deep contentment in the present.

The Hungry Grass (3:53) – spare, acoustic ballad. Ireland past and present, the Great Famine and the tale of Tom Guerin, drawn from annual trips to the Emerald Isle.

Darlin’ Cory (2:30) – mid-tempo traditional. Banjo, fiddle, upright bass, and a lyric spin by Jackson Grimm

Over The Waves (3:30) – uptempo-percussive. A dreamlike rumination, spanning time and space, mesmerizing yet urgent

Over Hill and Dale (2:01) – an acoustic lullaby for all ages.