Julian Sas – Wandering Between Worlds (DVD + CD)

Julian Sas – Wandering Between Worlds (DVD + CD)




Live on stage, that’s where Europe’s premiere blues-guitarist Julian Sas is at his very best. Loud and aggressive but equally sensitive and intense. Live this bluesman to the backbone is always an event. His guitar playing is full of passion and spectacular. His voice soulful. The rhythm section, Tenny Tahamata on bass and Rob Heijne on drums, is solid, swinging and pushing Sas to great heights.‘Wandering Between Worlds’ is the first live CD (and the first live DVD) on which Heijne can be heard.

The DVD ‘Wandering Between Worlds’ features a registration of the show that Julian Sas and his comrades performed for a frantically enthusiastic audience at De Boerderij, a large venue in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The best Julian Sas gig ever, according to connoisseurs. This, almost 2 hours long, recording includes, highlights from Julian Sas’ repertoire as well as 4 brand-new songs

The set includes a DVD plus 5 track CD with acoustic recordings, including another new song ‘First Rays’