JP Den Tex – Wolf! – CD

JP Den Tex – Wolf! – CD


JP DEN TEX (from Amsterdam, Holland) is a renowned singer/songwriter, mixing up Rock and Americana with European influences such as French chanson. In the past some pundits have dubbed his music “Beatnik Americana”, referring to JP’s nomadic, quirky brand of Americana.


Track list

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“Wolf!” is all about the forgotten folk music of the fifties and sixties. The album is strictly acoustic: vintage guitars, mandolin, ganjo and dobro (all played by the gifted Yvonne Ebbers) and a great violin (played by Diederik van Wassenaer). Wolf! involves the story of Gustav Wolfowitz (a successful, 57 year old, German-born music producer) who is confronted with the sudden loss of wealth and power, mainly due to bad investment advice. In what can easily be considered a belated midlife crisis, he also loses his – already unfaithful – partner Gina. Gustav ends up on the street, strumming one of the few possessions he didn’t have to do away with: his favourite country and western guitar. Eventually he’ll meet two talented young musicians, a violinist (“Boris”) and a woman guitar player (“Mary Ann”) and ask them to join his new folk group (“Blue Bandana”).