JP Den Tex – Speak Diary (CD)

JP Den Tex – Speak Diary (CD)




JP Den Tex … Speak Diary…Beatnik Americana with a hint of JJ Cale, John Hiatt and French chanson.

On “Speak Diary”, his new album JP Den Tex minutely researches his past. But even his carefully kept diary not always turns out to be a reliable witness. “The objective truth is so hard to trace”. Fortunately, there are the songs for you (the listener) to hold on to. JP dives on”Speak Diary” into his extensive demo archive. He records a couple of those old songs again – and makes them surprisingly contemporary. But there are (especially) the more recent songs to enjoy. One (I Don’t Live Here Anymore) was co-written with his American colleague John Coinman and (film) actor, director and nowadays singer Kevin Costner who also recorded it with his band Modern West.