JP Den Tex – Emotional Nomads (CD)

JP Den Tex – Emotional Nomads (CD)


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In 1998 JP Den Tex released a touching, very personal new album called ‘Emotional Nomads’. It described the sudden break-up of his long, romantic love affair with then girlfriend and ‘wild angel’ Claire… Painstakingly honest, that’s how I’d like to be, JP wrote in the CD booklet.

This musical diary – ‘Emotional Nomads’ – made a deep impression on Jindra Markus, established filmmaker and regular right hand-man of director Paul Verhoeven. To such an extent, that he decided to try to turn it into a film. Consequently he started following JP and the band during a series of performances and recording sessions. But while filming Jindra became also interested in the unusual lifestyles and emotional insecurities of some of the other members of the musical crew. By and by a different film started developing…

The CD ‘Music that inspired the film EMOTIONAL NOMADS features all JP DEN TEX’songs featured in the film plus bonus audio and video track Maddalena with members of Jiskefet.