JP Den Tex – Bad French ( CD – Limited Edition)

JP Den Tex – Bad French ( CD – Limited Edition)




Traveling America in the footsteps of Tocqueville… A musical travelogue by one of Europe’s most interesting singer/songwriters. Great Americana from the other side of the pond: JP Den Tex is a true friend of the American experiment!

Bad French decribes in songs the roundtrip of a European Beatnik author and a Russian call-girl through the United States and features a selection of regional music styles.

The Bonus track For You is a duet with Bloomington, Indiana, songstress Krista Detor.

The CD in our shop is the limited edition version that includes bonus CD wit demo’s of the second Tortilla album that never got made. [Tortilla was Holland’s first country-rock band , Their first and only album. Little Heroes, is a much sought after gem from the early 70’s]