John Coinman – This Place Ain’t What It Used To Be (CD)

John Coinman – This Place Ain’t What It Used To Be (CD)




John Coinman recorded his first solo CD, The Man Called Someone, in 1997. The album is filled with evocative border-bred country folk. An Arizona Daily Star review called it …the sort of expansive music one imagines played during the panoramic dreams we have of the South-West, and the Tucson Weekly called it …understated and assured with just the right amount of twang. A second solo CD, 41 Crosses, followed in late 1999, gaining airplay on college and independent radio stations. River Of Fire was released in 2001 to much critical acclaim. John Coinman was voted Best Songwriter in Tucson in 1999 and Best Performing Artist a year later. His first major European release on CoraZong This Place Ain’t What It Used To Be is a compilation of songs from the first three of his solo CD’s: The Man Called Someone, River of Fire and 41 Crosses. (Now also available in our webshop as special imports from USA)

John Coinman says his songs ‘ooze the Southwest’. And they do. From open instrumentation to slightly weathered vocals, easygoing tempos and references to landmark locations.