Ben Bedford – What We Lost (CD)

Ben Bedford – What We Lost (CD)



Ben Bedford does not have a long career as a professional musician behind him, but on his third album he has demonstrated a maturity and mastery of his art…that many would envy.  -Sam Pierre, Le Cri Du Coyote, France

Here’s yet another example of an artist who’s already several albums down the line before I get to hear his music, and instantly prompting a ‘how and why have I missed out on such a talent?’ reaction. –David Kidman, Fatea UK

Nu traditional folkie that writes his songs from the literature tradition loaded with dark edge that certainly speaks to the times. With a killer voice that fits the format like a glove, everything here keeps you riveted if you don’t have ants in your pants and can appreciate music you sit and listen to. Strong enough that it won’t let you multitask as it plays in the background, you can bet Townes Van Zandt is smiling his blessing on this third outing for Bedford.–Chris Spector, Midwest Record

In short, it’s a collection of emotionally stirring songwriting, with firm acoustic accompaniment. (Leicesterbangs.blogspot  UK)