Ben Bedford – Portraits (CD)

Ben Bedford – Portraits (CD)



Available on September 4, 2020

Going beyond the frame: Ben Bedford  – Portraits

“Portraits is a, specially for you, curated retrospective collection of songs from my first three albums: Lincoln’s Man, Land of the Shadows, What We Lost. I’m calling this collection simply, Portraits, as each of these tracks is, in one way or the other, a kind of portrait. Some are people. Some are places. Some are events. Some are memories. I have attempted to craft vignettes that engage the senses. With a small dose of the suspension of disbelief, I want to take you on a journey with each of these songs, these portraits. In short, I hope you can feel the very breeze through your hair. See you out there!”  – Ben Bedford

…with echoes too of Paul Simon’s soulful songcraft and Loudon Wainwright’s narrative force. (The Scotsman)

To me there is something special about a singer-songwriter who in a few words paints pictures of unbelievable depth and clarity. Ben Bedford to me is something special! (No Depression)


  1. Lincoln’s Man. (8:11)
  2. The Sangamon. (5:14)
  3. The Only Story.           (4:17)
  4. What We Lost. (4:59)
  5. John The Baptist. (3:47)
  6. Guinevere Is Sleeping (3:17)
  7. Twenty One. (4:25)
  8. Amelia. (3:52)
  9. Land Of The Shadows  (For Emmett Till).          (4:55)
  10. Migrant Mother. (4:43)
  11. One Night At A Time (4:22)
  12. Goodbye Jack (5:08)