New Tim Grimm song- WOODY’S LANDLORD– just in time for the USA election (Nov. 8 !)

Below please find links to our new video for WOODY’S LANDLORD- and, if you like the track you can follow the second link to cdbaby and download the track.

Click here for the VIDEO for WOODY’S LANDLORD

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 I’ve known a lot of songwriters who have been influenced by Woody Guthrie. As far as that goes, Woody has to some extent over the past years been elevated to folk sainthood. He wrote a book called Bound For Glory, and that was what launched my chorus for Woody’s Landlord. Woody wrote songs that needed to be sung, and as this 2016 national election quickly approaches, I offer this song in the Tom Paxton vein of “short-shelf life songs.” I needed to write and sing this song– in the little time we have left to get our act together as a nation– in what is probably the most important Presidential election of my lifetime. What are the values, the morality and ethics to which we as a people aspire ? From the countryside in south-central Indiana, where I call home– (where I went to high school and was on the speech team with Mike Pence!). I offer this song with a lot of help from the Family Band- Thanks Woody– and here’s to hope. (Tim Grimm – October 4, 2016)