Julian Sas finds Blues Brother

Like many of his hero’s, blues-rocker and guitar-ace Julian Sas performs in the traditional trio setting of vocals/guitar, bass and drums. Those paying attention to detail already noticed on his latest album Bound To Roll, besides a modest change of direction, the fat Hammond organ licks. The Julian Sas Band is a band always on the move. Always searching for what makes the difference. Always pushing the boundaries of the genre. Sometimes faith offers a helping hand. Like in this case. Julian Sas performed as one of the soloists at The Symphony In Blues Concert and met with the keyboard player of the orchestra; Roland Bakker. Musically they clicked right away and several jam sessions later it was obvious. Sas had found his Blues Brother. So the trio becomes a quartet and Hammond organist & pianist ‘extraordinaire’ Roland Bakker the new sparring partner of guitar virtuoso

Julian Sas. As Julian himself Bakker is a driven musician with a long and varied career that includes stints in the Rich Wyman Band, Treble Shooters, hard-rock band Vengeance and with Allan Haynes.

Julian Sas: … it makes me feel real good to come up again with a new sound…a band on the move is always looking for new input, and new sounds… I’m very excited about my ‘new’ band.

The ‘new’ Julian Sas Band will make its live debut on Saturday January 10, 2015 at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer (near The Hague) The Netherlands. But as always tours for UK, Germany and beyond will be in the 2015 diary too.

Julian Sas – vocals & guitars

Tenny Tahamata – bass

Rob Heijne – drums

Roland Bakker – Hammond organ and piano

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