John Coinman – New album & October 2015 European tour

‘Already Are…’ will be the brand-new album from Tuscon’s favorite son John Coinman that wil be released March / April 2015 . It’s the follow-up of the Arizonian’s critically acclaimed Songs From The Modern West, a title that also became the nom de plume for John and his band as collaborators of actor, director and singer Kevin Costner who is also to blame for the gap between the two John Coinman albums.

Kevin Costner explains: (my band) Modern West got its start when my wife (Christine) encouraged me to reconnect musically with John Coinman. I wasn’t really sure after all these years how it might work. I wasn’t really sure what to say. I made the call to Tucson. “John what do you think?” He never hesitated so I asked him to get some guys together starting with Blair Forward who, with John, was in Roving Boy the first and only band I was ever in. (and had a number single with in Japan).