GONNA BE GREAT- The #1 song on Folk radio in 2017 is as relevant now as ever– watch the new video !

Before the elections, there was Woody’s Landlord, a single-only release about Woody Guthrie’s connection with Donald Trump, Grimm’s strange relationship with Mike Pence (high school), and hope for a better world. It became the most played track on US folk radio in 2016.
After the elections, there was Gonna Be Great on the album A Stranger In This Time that contains nothing of the humor of the first song but is deep, dark and gloomy. It became the most played song on US Folk radio in 2017
Still very relevant Illustrator Bill Blympton, known from his work for The New York Times, Rolling Stone and a number of Oscar nominated animation films, recently made an impressive video clip for Gonna Be Great.
Following the lyric narrative, two time Oscar-nominated animator Plympton (Your Face, Guard Dog) created a visual story which follows a businessman in a business suit driving cross country, leaving clouds of dust and piles of destruction in his wake.
He is accompanied by a gang of mafioso-styled lizard men, inspired by old flicks from the Warner Bros. vaults.
What I loved about the song ‘Gonna Be Great’ was the texture of Tim’s voice, matched with the deep poetic lyrics that gave the song a mysterious and haunting feeling. I tried to match that emotion with dark film noir visuals that were like an old Warner Brothers gangster movie, said Plympton.
Tim Grimm and The Family Band 
Gonna Be Great– From the album A Stranger In This Time