Third video from Tim Grimm’s ‘ Election-Trilogy’

GONE  is the new video clip from Indiana singer/songwriter and annual guest on Europe’s stages, Tim Grimm. It’s the last one of a trilogy that started with Woody’s Landlord, published in October 2016 which was followed Gonna Be Great in 2017. Now, in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic and on the eve of the most important elections in USA history, Tim Grimm in Gone reflects on what we lost, about what lies ahead and expresses sadness about the recent loss of fellow musicians and friends John Prine and Eric Taylor.
Gone is a beautiful song of the kind that we want to hear more often on the radio and with ties to current events.
GoneVideo Clip
Gone –  MP3
Gonna Be GreatVideo Clip
Gonna Be GreatMP3
Woody’s Landlord –  Video Clip
Woody’s Landlord –  MP3
Gonna Be Great is from the Tim Grimm album A Stranger In This Time
Gone and  Woody’s Landlord are not available on any album
Note for radio re Gone: Intro is 0:31 / vocal starts at 0:32