Cridecoeur music

Cridecoeur Music represents the music publishing interests from our artists as composers. But we also represent other artists / writers. People who expressed that they love to work with us and whose music we enjoy. Our strength is Roots Music in a very wide sense. Comtemporary songs with a strong melody is what we want and what we have.

We would be honoured to offer you a helping hand if you’re looking for songs for your commercial, film, to record or other use. You can contact us by mail or telephone +31 251235420 / +31 648268862

Click here if you would like to listen to a selection from the repertoire we represent

Artists / composers whose songs  we represent are:

John Coinman – Singer/songwriter, Desert Noir,  Pop Americana influenced by Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins, Bob Dylan

JP Den Tex – Singer/songwriter, Beatnick Americana, Chanson, Roots with a European flavour

Tim Grimm – Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Storyteller à la Woody Guthrie

Julian Sas  – Blues, Blues/Rock, Passion, Strong melodies with beautiful guitar rifs.

Brandy Zdan – Singer/Songwriter, Indy Pop,  Female, Pure, Americana, Chrissie Hynde, PJ Harvey, early Sheryl Crow

Signe Tollefsen– Singer/Songwriter, Nu-Folk, Femme Fatale, Alternative

Twilight Hotel – Americana, Alternative, Spooky, Desert, Prairie

Mindpark – Pop, Alternative, dEUS, Elbow, Radiohead

Taneytown – Rock, Americana, Think Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle etc.

Krista Detor – Singer/songwriter, Elegant, Intellectual, Think Leonard Cohen, Laura Nyro, Nora Jones

Swelter – Melodic Indy Pop with influences from The National, Editors and, closer to home, dEUS.

Alastair Moock – Singer/Songwriter, Country Blues, Folk

Andy Pratt – Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Rock

The Believers – Americana, Rock, Male / Female duo, Alternative, Powerfull

Bintangs – Rock, raw and dirty, the way The Rolling Stones would like to sound

Diane Craig – Singer/songwriter, Folk, Americana, female Townes van Zandt

Inneke23 – Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Pop from Belgium with Chris Eckman / Walkabouts influences

Peter C. Johnson – Alternative, Rock, Singer/Songwriter with a lot of edge

Sean Walsh – Blues/Rock, Raw, Edgy, Alternative, 70’s Rock

Teye – Flamenco from the man the Spanish Gypsy gave the honoray nickname ‘El Gitano Punky’

Tony Chin – The most productive musician from Jamaica’s Golden Age of Reggae Music in the 70’s.