Julian Sas

In his genre is Julian Sas one of the best artists ever to come from the low-lands and as a guitarist he belongs to the absolute top of Europe.

Winner BESTE BLUES MUSICIAN 2016 (according to readers of Blues Magazine)

Winner European Blues Award 2016 BEST MUSICIAN (PERFORMANCE)

Julian Sas made name and fame with a series of strong, critically acclaimed albums but especially as an excellent live performer.

The album ‘Feelin’ Alive’ is a live CD that features a renewed band in top form. Without doubt the best Julian Sas band so far and consequently ‘Feelin’ Alive is his best live record so far.

The band is JULIAN SAS : Guitars and Vocals – ROB HEIJNE: Drums – ROLAND BAKKER: Piano and Organ – FOTIS ANAGNOSTOU: Bass

The album was recorded during his Coming Home Tour 2016, named after his ninth studio album and the first as a foursome with new addition Roland Bakker on keyboards. Fans and critics paying attention to detail already noticed on Sas’s previous outing ‘Bound To Roll’, a modest change of direction. Especially the fat Hammond organ licks caught their attention. The Julian Sas Band is a band always on the move. Has always been searching for what makes the difference. Has always been pushing the boundaries of the genre. Sometimes faith offers a helping hand. Like when Julian Sas performed as one of the soloists at The Symphony In Blues Concert and met with the keyboard player of the orchestra: Roland Bakker. Musically they bonded right away and several jam sessions later it was obvious, guitar-virtuose Julian Sas had found his Blues Brother and a new sparring partner. The trio became a quartet.

Julian Sas: … it makes me feel real good to come up again with a new sound…a band on the move is always looking for new input, and new sounds… I’m very excited about my ‘new’ band with Roland Baker on keyboards and the strong, reliable rhythm section of Rob Heijne on drums and Fotis Anagnostou.on bass. They are the best. We all love playing live. Night after night, when we walk on that stage we are ‘Feelin’ Alive’

 Julian Sas, recorded his first album in 1996 and called it “ Where Will It End!?” A question he is still unable to answer. Never? Sas is a driven musician. Music is his passion. It’s his life. It never stops. Initially a hard-rocker fan, 13 years old Julian experienced a life changing moment when, for the first time, he heard a Muddy Waters record. That very day Julian decided to dedicate his life to blues and blues-rock. Four years later a 17-year-young Julian Sas attended a Rory Gallagher concert, that made an even more lasting impression. He decided to become a professional musician, has been on the road ever since and fronts one of the best and most popular live acts on the European club scene. As proven once more on ‘Feelin’ Alive’

….Music this great just doesn’t happen everyday…. (Blues Underground Network – USA)

…This guy could be Europe’s answer to Mr. Bonamassa on this form….(Blues Matters – UK)

Sas is an impressive, soulful singer (Rock ‘n Reel – UK)

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