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BEN BEDFORD’s new album will be called Portraits. It will feature the best songs from his critically acclaimed first 3 albums Lincoln’s Man, Land of the Shadows and What We Lost.

Ben explains:

 This is a specially curated retrospective collection of songs from my first three albums: Lincoln’s Man, Land of the Shadows, What We Lost. It spans material written between 2005 and 2012. I’m calling this collection simply, Portraits, as each of these tracks is, in one way or the other, a kind of portrait. Some are people. Some are places. Some are events. Some are memories. Much as William Least Heat-Moon* imbues his writing with a sense of landscape and time, I have attempted to do something similar with these songs, crafting vignettes that engage the senses. With a small dose of the suspension of disbelief, I want to take you on a journey. With each of these songs, these portraits. In short, I hope you can feel the very breeze through your hair.

I hope this retrospective proves to be an enjoyable introduction fot the uninitiate, as well as a satisfying listening experience for the long-time fan.

See you out there!

Ben Bedford

  • William Least Heat-Moon is an American travel writer and historian. He is the author of several books which chronicle unusual journeys through the United States, including cross-country trips by boat (River Horse, 1999) and, in his best known work (1982’s Blue Highways), about his journey in a 1975 Ford Econoline van.

None of these first 3 albums was officially released in Europe.

The new record Portraits will only be available in Europe (from the beginning of September 2020) and features following songs: Lincoln’s Man / The Sangamon, The Only Story / What We Lost / John the Baptist / Guinevere Is Sleeping / Twenty One / Amelia / Land Of The Shadows (For Emett Till) / Migrant Mother / One Night At A Time / Goodbye Jack

Since Ben Bedford released his album, Lincoln’s Man, to the unsuspecting folk music world, acclamation came fast, friendly and fortunately. On the strength of radio airplay, each of his first three records have scored extremely well on folk-based, singer-songwriter, roots-related charts, including the Folk DJ and Roots Rock listings in the U.S. and the Euro-American charts in Europe.

Ben Bedford delivers intriguing sketches of America, its individuals, their victories and their struggles. Poignant, but never sentimental, Bedford’s portrait-like songs capture the vitality of his characters and draw the listener deep into the narratives.

Ben Bedford has proven himself to be a truly inspired and talented storyteller…according to Arthur Wood (Maverick Magazine).

Ben Bedford has established himself as a songwriter in the tradition of musical icons ranging from Bill Morrissey to Woody Guthrie, casting individual people in the theatre of the American landscape. A true son of the heartland, Bedford dips into the deep inkwell of classic American literature and writes with the ‘old soul’ quality of his literary idols, such as John Steinbeck and Toni Morrison. All of Bedford’s albums have charted highly on the Euro Americana charts and the Folk-DJ charts.

Rich Warren, a longtime folk DJ in Chicago and perennial force in the folk world, named Ben one of the “50 most significant Folk singer-songwriters of the past 50 years”. That list also includeds Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Anais Mitchell, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, and John Prine

In May 2018 Bedford was named one of the winners of the prestigious Kerrville New Folk competition. Thus joining the ranks of Robert Earl Keen, James McMurtry, Diana Jones, Anais Mitchell, Danny Schmidt, Jonathan Byrd, John Gorka and Pierce Pettis.

Poignant, but rarely sentimental, his songs are portraits which capture the life and vitality of his characters while illuminating themes of joy, struggle, death and betrayal. (

…with echoes too of Paul Simon’s soulful songcraft and Loudon Wainwright’s narrative force. (The Scotsman / Sue Wilson)

Ben Bedford possesses a warm expressive vocal style, full of emotion and believability ensuring the listener feels sympathy for the characters in these beautifully written and often thought-provoking stories. (

To me there’s something special about a songwriter who in a few words paints pictures of unbelievable depth and clarity. Ben Bedford to me is something special!  (No Depression / Ed Karn)

Anyone wondering what in the world happened to folk music would do well to listen to Ben Bedford. He looks like a young Townes Van Zandt, and his sound is rooted in things good and real. I believe he means every word he sings. (Peter Cooper, singer/songwriter, journalist)

..certainly one of the best young singer-songwriters working today. (Herald Scotland / Rob Adams)

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