About us

Cavalier Music Management is a lean, dedicated and focused music company guiding the careers of a small number of extremely talented artists, who are the best in their genre and deserve world-wide recognition and success. We are a full service music company founded by Bert de Ruiter, a music-industry veteran who played, as Vice President European Marketing for A&M Records, a key role in the careers of amongst others Supertramp, Sting, Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson, Suzanne Vega, Soundgarden, John Hiatt and Sheryl Crow. In his last UK based job as director of International Marketing at Mercury Records he was responsible for the international careers of artists as diverse as Elton John, Metallica, Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits, Incognito and Lamb. He also played a major part in the resurrection of Glasgow’s Texas.

Although the artists’ creativity and hard work were obviously key factors, it is generally acknowledged that the ideas, planning and efforts from Bert de Ruiter and his team were major contributors to the European successes of Sting, Bryan Adams, Suzanne Vega and John Hiatt, who all four achieved considerably higher sales levels in Europe than in North America.

In May 1999 de Ruiter returned to his native country Holland where he started his own consultancy firm. Amongst his clients were Candy Dulfer, Warner Music Benelux, EMI Records, BMG, Castle Communications, Sony Music, Buma Cultuur NPI. Music Centrum Nederland & The Department of Foreign Affairs and The Department of Science and Culture.

Mid 2000, the in 10 countries operating Internet company Vitaminic tempted him to become VP Content Development and MD of their Dutch affiliate. Unfortunately Vitaminic’s plans and concept were too early. The download market did not yet exist in a way that allowed to company to develop an income stream and consequently it was forced to close its doors.

In 2003 former colleague Evert Wilbrink asked de Ruiter to join him at CoraZong Records. The pair decided to focus on roots music and use their considerable knowledge and experience to re-model CoraZong along the lines of successful independents of the past such as Island Records and A&M Records, where artist friendliness, quality and integrity were decisive factors in their success. In its niche Corazong Records became a success & was quickly established as a trademark of quality. Changes in the music industry and private circumstances led to a decision about a change direction and consequently the founding of Cavalier Music Management.