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Wilderness Songs and ......

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Timgrimm wilderness

Wilderness Songs and ......

Tim Grimm 1CD (10 tracks) Folk Release date: 1 Sep 2011


Tim Grimm claims to have spurred into writing these songs by two books of mine-a collection of tales called Wilderness Plots and a novel called Bad Man Ballad. 

Well. even if my stories did tickle his imagination, what that imagination brought forth, in lyrics and music and performance, is pure Tim, troubadour of the heartland. In this robust, haunting album, he summons up a cast of characters from the Ohio Valley frontier, each one driven by some sort of hunger-- for land, money, power, salvation, freedom, or fame. The voices of these quirky characters, borne along on rousing melodies, will stay with you, enlarging your spirit, enriching your sense of American history.

Scott Russell Sanders (author of 'Wilderness Plots')